Friday, April 29, 2016

Truss 101 – Attaching Exhibit Graphics to Your Truss Structure

You’ve come to realize that aluminum truss is a versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-use solution for your exhibit tradeshow needs. You plan to utilize our handy truss shelves and brochure holders, and even hang a couple of flat screen monitors using our cell clamps. Now for attaching the graphics. offers a variety of accessories to hang graphics or clad truss. Your graphic substrate will determine the best accessory for your needs.

Fabric or Vinyl Graphics 
CL32 Clear Plastic Panel Clip

CL32 Clear Plastic Panel Clip

Fabric or Vinyl Graphics easily accommodate grommets and can be fastened to truss tubes via zip-tie. If this solution doesn’t appeal to you or you are seeking a more custom aesthetic, consider adding pole pockets to your graphics and use our graphic clips for 2” truss tubes or 1.25” truss tubes. Simply insert a plastic profile tube (sold separately) into the pocket, notch out where the clip will attach to the tube, and snap onto the tube and truss. The clear clips will blend in with the exhibit, providing a clean, finished look. Also available in black.

Rigid Graphics
PC32 Plastic Panel Clamp

PC32 Plastic Panel Clamp

Rigid Graphics, such as sintra, foamcore, and wood may be attached using our plastic panel clamps for 2” truss tubes or 1.25” truss tubes. By tightening the screw with an allen key, the accessory clamps onto both the graphic panel and truss tube simultaneously, firmly holding graphics in position on the truss exhibit.

xTruss M222 Panel Clip

xTruss Panel Clip

Also helpful with rigid graphic panels, the xTruss panel clip is an aluminum bracket perfectly sized to clip onto 12” truss or 9” truss. The brackets have a slight flex, allowing them to snap into position between two truss tubes, and are often used on multiple truss faces to entirely clad, or cover, the truss. The xTruss panel clips attach to a variety of graphic substrates including wood, plexiglass, plastic, foamcore, and sintra. Screws, tape or Velcro can be used to attach the clips to your graphic back.

At, we can help you to determine which accessory will best fit the graphic material you choose. Your graphics producer may also assist in deciding which accessory is the perfect fit. Contact us today for more info!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trade Show Technology Trends to Create Buzz & Generate Interest

New Technology at Trade Show

In order to stay competitive, exhibitors need to remain on top of the latest developments and trade show trends. One of the best ways to generate interest and buzz on any show floor is by creating various interactive components, and you can do this by incorporating technology into your trade show booth. Here are trade show industry trends we expect to see in 2016. Master these, and you can dominate at your next exhibit.

  1. Proximity Marketing - As attendees wander near your booth, send messages to their phones about specials that can be redeemed at your station like an offer to play your game or a discount you’re giving. Services like iBeacon are great places to start.

  2. Lounge Space - Create a “living room” area within the booth complete with a phone charging station and comfortable furniture. Attendees are always looking for, and will appreciate, a place they can take a short break to recharge both physically and electronically.

  3. Social Trending - Display your company blog on large monitors and encourage visitors to post their own comments. They’ll enjoy seeing their posts on the big screen, and you’ll be increasing your links at the same time. You can also display your Twitter account and create a custom hash tag that others can use to tweet about your space or the event.

  4. Use SnapChat to Connect - Consumers want to feel connected at all times, and there is no better way to reach your target audience than by utilizing the popular SnapChat app. You can use SnapChat’s latest feature, Our Story. This allows people attending the same event to share to a communal snap story of their experience at the event via photos and videos. With their mobile devices, attendees and industry professionals will be able to find the most interesting booths and the best giveaways at each show in real time! We believe this will become popular at trade shows, conventions and other events. The Our Story feature of SnapChat is a great way to promote an event both on and offsite.

  5. Man Using Smart Watch
  6. Tech to Connect - Wearable technology such as smart watches with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities are becoming more relevant in the business world, and we predict them to become an ever growing force. Companies attending trade shows in 2016 should consider the advancements of wearable and touch technology and incorporate these devices into their booth designs. Many companies are utilizing touch technology that allows people to share files, contacts and information just by touching devices. Poken is a great example of this type of technology. Perhaps instead of connecting with attendees on a tablet, you can share company information to them with just the touch of your smart device!

Just remember, no matter how amazing your technology is, digital engagement can never replace personal interaction. The combination of both is what will truly make an impact on your visitors and set your trade show marketing tactics apart. By giving the customers more and better access to the information they are interested in through the use of technology and personal interfacing, brands are more likely to see an increase in trade show leads and sales.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Product Highlight: 10’ x 20’ M290B Trio Truss

Milos structural systems are well-regarded worldwide for their clean, attractive appearance and wide variety of potential applications, both large and small. They are being utilized indoors as well as out and are especially known for their substantial ratio of weight to load capacity. Made from high-strength aluminum and offered here in its natural silver color and smooth mill finish, they're available in a wide range of sizes and truss component configurations as well as load capacities, from the light-duty M220 Series up to the ultra-high load capacity M950 Series.

10' x 20' Four-Legged Truss

The M290-B Triangle Truss Kit shown here is one of Milos' mid-range load capacity systems, offering excellent spanning/weight loading capabilities for a wide range of event staging, trade shows, etc. It measures 10’ X 20’ and is 8' in height. These measurements make it ideal for the typical trade show booth area measuring 10' X 20', and the 8' in height gives it the advantage of being able to display signage up high where it's visible at a distance across the trade show floor.

The M290B Trio is also ideal for staging an array of events and can be utilized as a lighting or sound equipment bearing structure. The 20' front and back spans are both capable of handling up to 700-lbs of weight load, while the 10' side spans will hold more than 1,110-lbs each. This allows for the attachment of heavy equipment like video screens or audio speakers without overtaxing the load capabilities.

The Cell 201 – Cell 206 clamps and couplers featured at the bottom of the page are all designed to work with the 2" tubes that comprise this 10’ X 20’ stage truss structure. Their high-quality aluminum extruded composition makes them durable and reliable for mounting any number of fixtures to the truss structure. These clamps and couplers come in various configurations to precisely satisfy your exact mounting requirements.

The M290B Trio is one of three options in the M290B Series. Also referred to as the "triangle" because of its triple tube configuration, it is complemented by the duo (or ladder), double-tube truss and the quatro (or box), quadruple-tube truss. All corner junction pieces and base plates in this system correspond to the triple-tube configuration of the trio.

Assembling and disassembling the M290B Trio both is quick and easy. It employs a system of conical connectors that fit precisely into CNC-machined receivers and are securely held in place by tapered pins and R-clips that are a snap to put together and take apart. This ease of operation, along with the relative light weight for shipping requirements, are two more outstanding qualities of this superior truss system built to last many, many years.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Determining What Size Truss You’ll Need

Display and exhibit truss systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations and choosing the correct size is an important factor when selecting a system for use in your company's particular event booth setup. Event booth space is typically available in multiples of 10' X 10' squares. Popular truss display sizes include 10' X 10', 10' X 20' and 20' X 20', although custom sizes can usually be created according to your specifications. One desirable feature shared by truss systems is that they can easily be upsized or downsized as needed, according to the particular sized display area at any specific venue.

Choosing a Trade Show Display

The most appropriate event or trade show display is one that best shows off your company's products and/or services and presents your brand image in the best light possible. Most importantly, it should be designed in a way that fosters instant brand awareness and effectively lures event attendees into your display space. This is accomplished by well-designed graphics and signage appropriately affixed to an attractive skeletal structure (truss system), inviting lighting creatively offsetting the space and a functional use of accessories such as shelving, monitors, literature holders, tables, seats, etc.

A big advantage of using an aluminum truss system is that, although lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, the load bearing to weight ratio is very high. This allows for the display of heavy items such as large monitors and speakers, shelves for holding computers and more.

Determining the Correct Truss Dimensions

measuring with a measuring tape

Several factors will come into play when determining the proper size for your truss display but, fortunately, size can be altered easily by the addition or removal of sections when needed to accommodate specific space requirements. A primary factor revolves around the budget available for the purchase of your display. While minimum booth size is typically 10' X 10', purchasing a 10' X 20' truss display allows for use in a larger space when desired or scaling the display down to half size when appropriate. Considering this, booth size is an important factor when considering display size, although truss displays provide great flexibility when you need to scale down for a particular venue.

When assessing desired booth space, you should consider what items will be displayed at a particular event and what accessories will be required. You'll also need to consider how many individuals will be manning the display and how many visitors you’d like to be able to accommodate at any one time. More space will be needed if demonstrations will be held for an audience of multiple attendees.

Particular sizing of a truss display will influence the size and types of graphics/signage used. Ideally, company logos will be large and high enough up to grab attention, even from across the room, providing desired high-impact branding. For other ideas and assistance regarding choosing the best display for your needs, contact us here at

Friday, October 16, 2015

Product Spotlight: M002MQ – 20x10 M222 Quatro Display Truss

20' x 10' box truss kit

When you’ve got hundreds and maybe even thousands of eyes on you or your product, you want to make sure you make an impression.

The M222 Quatro Display Truss is the perfect way for companies to exhibit their product and also for bands and artists to perform. Your performance or product is the main attraction, of course, but adding a truss is the cherry on top. The sleek metal framework will give the audience the impression that you are prepared for the exhibition—so prepared that you were even able to think about the audience experience.

Here are some of the best features of the 20x10 aluminum M222 Quick Truss kit:

For encompassing a fairly large amount of space, this box truss is pretty light at only 185 lbs. Stage equipment can be heavy and, furthermore, expensive for large events and concerts, but this truss system does away with those worries. The display is easy to transport and easy to assemble. It also arrives ready to set up and is user friendly.

Versatile Design That Grows With You
The designers really worked to make the M222 Quatro adaptable to various customers. The truss is a 20’ x 10’ design but can be reconfigured to 10’ x 10’ or to fit a goal post without buying any extra parts, making it great for a variety of large and small events. If you want to make the truss a little bigger, you can add a few more straights and increase it to 20’ x 20’. This is probably one of the best features because it reduces the cost of upgrading your equipment if your company or act grows with time.

Compatible with Many Accessories
Finally, a great aspect of the Quatro Display Truss is that the manufacturer includes low-cost accessories for various events, such as shelves and brochure holders, lights and monitor mounts. The shelves and brochure holders make this truss perfect for business events and product exhibitions, allowing customers to peruse information about the product in their own time. On the other side, the lights and monitor mounts are perfect for music shows. Some of the best artists nowadays include light shows and play video when they’re performing, and this kit in particular will allow you to create an unforgettable show that will shine in the audience’s memory.

The M222 box truss is certain to save you time and money. It’s an investment that grows in value and can be adapted to all your requirements, eliminating your need to buy new equipment. It’ll also give you a put-together look and make you stand out from the others in a crowded room (or a crowded lineup).

Make a lasting impression with the Quatro Display Truss by Display Exhibits. Visit for more great trusses for any event or business.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Customizing a Truss Design Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Trade show booths, DJs, sporting competitions and performance halls all like to use sturdy truss systems to enhance their events. But when you customize your truss design, you can turn your event into a spectacle that people will never forget. Truss designs are not only functional, but they can also be inexpensively customized to create a look that will enhance a performance or professional gathering.

Lighting Truss

Banners Are Effective Customizing Tools
A truss design looks great when it is used as the finish line for a charity foot race, but it can look even better simply by adding some banners. Trusses are ideal places to hang inexpensive banners, but those banners can transform a truss design into something much more substantial.

For DJs, an inexpensive vinyl backdrop on a truss system can be used to enhance the light show or remind everyone of the DJ who is spinning the music. Corporations can use banners on trade show booth trusses to highlight certain products and bring in more foot traffic. Simple and inexpensive banners stretched across truss designs can give any event a more powerful presentation.

Trusses Are Easy to Work With
A custom light truss doesn't have to be expensive, because trusses are easy to work with. A truss system is very light, and there are hundreds of interchangeable parts that can be used to get any number of unique looks. Unlike other stage and display structures that require considerable expense and effort to move or change, trusses can easily be altered to meet any specification.

Because trusses are light, it is not necessary to hire a large crew to alter or customize your design. The lightweight and interchangeable parts offered for truss systems make them extremely inexpensive and simple to customize.

Trusses Can Do a Lot in a Little Space

Large Trio Display Truss Design
A triangular truss design is lightweight, but it is very durable. When you deal with truss designs, you are not constrained by the size and weight requirements that restrict wood and other materials. Large trusses are able to handle a tremendous amount of weight, which allows you to customize your display without having to spend a fortune on other support equipment.

A professional truss design company can help you choose the right design for your needs and show you how to use the right amount of truss material to get the effect you want. Trusses offer a stability and reliability in small spaces that no other support structure offers.

When you want a display support structure that gives you plenty of options at a low price, then you want a truss design. Trusses are easy to move, offer plenty of design accessories and can get the job done in spaces that would severely handicap other support structures. Anyone who wants an interchangeable support system that is easy to customize wants to use a sturdy truss design.

Interested in a cheap custom truss system? Contact Displays Exhibits, or fill out a request form today!

Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Improve Your Trade Show Marketing With Truss Displays

Each trade show has its own unique features that make it appealing to vendors and attendees, but they all share the characteristic of being very competitive. Vendors are constantly looking for trade show marketing ideas that will bring in more foot traffic and enable them to get a bigger return on their investment.

Instead of investing in gimmicks to try and draw a crowd, you need to spend time looking into reliable and sturdy truss designs. Not only is a good truss design going to attract attention, but it is also going to give your booth an added air of professionalism.

Trade Show Exhibitor Name Tag

Create a Real Work Environment
A sturdy exhibit and display truss system can be used to create work areas in your booth that make it easier to close deals and attract an audience. You can use banners and trusses as walls to create a main display area, a product storage area and a conference room where you can talk to customers who are interested in your products in private.

When you use trusses to separate your trade show display into separate work areas, it allows you to show interested customers that you take their business seriously. It also helps you keep spare parts and extra marketing materials off the main display floor to create a professional-looking booth.

Increase Your Options
A truss system makes your trade show booth versatile and dynamic. You can add or subtract features as you see fit to create the perfect look for your audience. For example, a good truss system gives you the option of safely using spotlights to highlight your products. Adding shelves and lighting to a truss system is a more professional way of presenting your company to potential clients than setting lights and boxes on tables.

Raise Your Banner Above the Crowd
As a veteran of many trade shows, you appreciate the importance of making a statement that attendees can see the moment they enter a display hall. With a truss system and professional signage, your company's booth location can easily be advertised to everyone who enters the building. This effective and professional method for getting the audience's attention is only possible with a strong truss design.

Create Something Unique
Truss displays allow you to create unique structures, such as castles and amphitheaters, on trade show floors. One of the biggest advantages of truss designs is that there are thousands of options to choose from that can help make your booth stand out from the rest. Even the biggest light show on the floor is going to have a hard time competing with a castle.

Without a truss design, your trade show booth is reduced to banners and tables; but when you implement a truss system, you can do anything you want to make your booth the place attendees want to be. Instead of spending money on gimmicks or celebrities for your trade show booth, invest in a truss design to get results that go way beyond your expectations.