Friday, February 26, 2010

Complete Line of Lighting Truss, Display Truss and Exhibit Truss

THE QUICK CONNECTION features exclusively the Milos QuickTruss System. QuickTruss is more than just a product, it will change the way you look at and use truss systems forever. It's a perfect combination of Style, Strength, Speed and Ease.

All QuickTruss Systems feature solid conical connectors and tapered pins for an extremely fast, simple and secure assembly of structures.

All truss ends are fitted with precision CNC machined receivers and braced with horizontal end spars creating an extremely durable construction perfect for continuous use in harsh environments.

The common connection method enables sections to be joined to any other component in the appropriate range without any problem ( Curve to Curve / Curves to Straight / Junctions / Baseplates etc.) This capability provides a virtually infinite number of configurations, enabling customers to maximize use and investments in our products.

A comprehensive range of size systems and formats are available to suit specific customer and to project requirements. Selection is typically based on loading, free-span and environment (indoors, outdoors, fixed, touring, etc) criteria.

Main standard formats available are:
Duo (2 tube)
Trio (3 tube)
Quatro (4 tube)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Stage Truss

As an exclusive Milos distributor, we can offer Stage Truss directly to you. We can create custom configurations based on your specific need and provide free CAD designs also. Call us today at 888-804-0042 and email us at to find out more!