Monday, August 2, 2010

Milos at the Shanghai Expo

Shanghai, July 2010 - Milos trussing is being utilized in style in several major pavilions at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Supplied by Milos China in conjunction with Milos' headquarters in the Czech Republic, five major pavilions feature Milos products, which were chosen for their quick assembly, strength and superior aesthetics.

The five pavilions include USA, Canada, Singapore, China and UAE. Form and function combine to create environments of dream-like fantasy featuring dynamic high-tech elements. Products used include a wide range of QuickTruss® signature aluminum trussing, clamps & couplers, ceiling supports and more. Milos truss utilizes a QuickConnect conical connection system and is available in custom lengths and junctions. It comes in natural silver or a wide variety of powder coated colors and finishes.

Michal Zykan from Milos Czech Republic worked closely with Stephen Huang from Milos China to ensure that the delivery of all the required metalwork went smoothly as the pavilions were constructed.

"This is a very prestigious project in which to be involved, and as is often the case, time was the big challenge. It was also a great example of the Czech and Chinese offices working together to meet deadlines with demands of client and delivery in record time, and a great testament to the production capabilities of Milos' Guangzhou manufacturing facility".

With the wide and dynamic range of Milos products utilized, they were able to supply trussing and metalwork to meet the requirements in just a two week timeframe!

Expo 2010 Shanghai China is the largest and most expensive World’s Fair ever. More than 190 countries are participating and more than 100 million visitors are expected to visit during its May through October run.

Milos Structural Systems manufactures QuickTruss® aluminum trussing, one of the strongest and fastest assembling truss systems in the world.

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