Thursday, March 31, 2011

April is Octamania! Octagon Truss for Every Occasion

Looking to shine some light onto a stage or area?  Why not utilize an octagon truss grid?  Octagons ship and store more easily than curved truss and are also easily reconfigurable.  Go from 9' to 32' (and anything in between) simply by adding straight lengths of truss.

For a limited time, is offering super octagons at unbeatable pricing.  Choose from any of the following sizes:

8'-7" Truss Octagon

10'-4" Truss Octagon

14'-3" Truss Octagon

22' Truss Octagon

32' Truss Octagon

Or contact us for a custom size.  All Octagons are made of QuickTruss® aluminum trussing, one of the strongest, fastest and most reliable truss brands on earth.

Don't forget to use our additional 10% off coupon, good for the month of April only.

Remember for all of your lighting truss needs.