Monday, April 25, 2011

Looking for Lighting Truss?

Truss comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and formats.  In fact, if you are seeking truss to hang lighting, monitors, speakers, or practically anything else, chances are there's a support truss to meet your needs.

We like aluminum truss because it is strong yet lightweight, perfect for shipping and easily erected.

Sometimes truss is just for show.  When you don't need a large load-bearing truss support structure, a smaller truss will probably fill the bill.  Like QuickTruss M222 (8-3/4" overall width with 1-1/4" main tubes), available in Duo (ladder), Trio (triangular), or Quatro (box).  The smaller format of M222 truss is great for trade show displays, retail truss displays, and other indoor truss applications.  But don't worry if you have to hang something on it; it can still be considered a structural element too.  A 10' span of M222 Quatro truss can handle a total distributed load of over 1,000 lbs!  It is also available in curves.

You'd be surprised at some of the things people hang on truss.  From giant overhead mirrors to live human acrobats, heavier duty truss is designed to carry a heavy load without any problems (note: structures requiring dynamic loads need to be engineered).  QuickTruss is available in medium duty M290B and heavy duty M290V (11-7/16" overall width with 2" tubes).  Need a larger format?  Check out QuickTruss M390K and M390L (15-3/8" overall width with 2" tubes).  All these aluminum trusses are available in Duo, Trio and Quatro and can be curved.

The Connection
Trust us, the connection matters.  QuickTruss' conical connection system is unparallelled in the truss industry.  Not only does the connection add strength to the truss, but it is extremely quick and easy - about 5 seconds a connection!  And the only tool required is a hard plastic mallet.  Think of how much labor you will save when your QuickTruss structure is built in half the time and without the need for tools or genie lifts.

At, we offer Milos QuickTruss at a great savings off their list price.  And for the month of May we are offering even greater savings with an additional 10% off coupon deal.  Our knowledgeable sales staff is available to help you with your design and we also offer free AutoCAD design services to help bring your vision to reality.