Friday, February 15, 2013

Portable Finish Lines
Get a Head Start with Truss

Finish Line Truss Kits

One of the hottest sports trends today is utilizing aluminum truss for finish lines. Heavy, awkward scaffolding or easily-tipped tripods and poles are a thing of the past. Lightweight aluminum trussing can run circles around the competition, providing great spanning capability while securely accommodating banners, time clocks and more. Fast assembly and tear down means you can beat the clock when relocating the truss structure from a start location to the finish location.  Transport is less costly due to its light weight and small pieces.  And the low maintenance aluminum finish stands up to the harshest outdoor environments.

Adding multi-sided banner areas to the finish line is a great way to display sponsor logos and race information.

Uneven terrain? No problem with our leveling pods that provide incremental adjustment for stability on uneven surfaces.

From fun runs to marathons, truss finish lines hit the mark.  Short lengths allows for flexibility when extending or shortening your structure - simply add or remove pieces to extend or decrease the span.  Change from complex to simple finish lines by reconfiguring a standard stockpile of truss inventory.  

We’ll help you custom design your finish line truss structure with our free AutoCAD design services. Give us a call at 888-804-0042 or email a sketch. We’ll need your budget and required date.  Or browse our stock finish line truss kits, guaranteed in stock and ready to go.

See you at the races!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DJ Truss Kits

Why Aluminum Truss for DJs?

A survey of DJs will tell you that aluminum truss is a great option for mobile lighting and sound systems, namely because of its portability and speed. Check out our lighting truss for DJs and you’ll see why it is one of the most popular systems for DJs on the go.

Fast and easy set-up
DJs don’t have time to erect elaborate sound booths at parties and events. QuickTruss offers lightning fast speed when setting up a DJ truss booth – about 5 seconds per connection. And tool-free assembly means you don’t need to lug a tool box to the venue to get the job done. We do recommend a hard plastic mallet to get tapered pins in and out of place.

Light weight
The light physical weight of QuickTruss aluminum truss makes it easy to handle and set-up. A 6.5’ length of M290B Trio (triangular) truss is only 28lbs, so bringing your lighting truss in and out of the event isn’t a big feat requiring a crew of handlers.

Ultimate strength
Aluminum truss is more than a decorative addition to your DJ truss booth. A 13' span of triangular M290B QuickTruss can handle more than 2,200lbs (distributed). Hang lighting, speakers, monitors, a disco ball, even a big cage of live turkeys. We’re not judging.

It’s simple to add or remove pieces to your truss booth as needed due to venue size, equipment needs, or just to change things up. Using shorter lengths of truss allows for more flexibility.

Cost Effective
Affording aluminum truss is easier than ever. We offer QuickTruss DJ Booth Kits at a great discount off regular list price. We are also offering an additional 5% discount for orders placed this month using a coupon code at checkout. Aluminum lighting truss is so durable, you’ll be enjoying your investment for many years to come.

View all of our DJ Truss Kits at Don’t see what you need? Contact us to design something specific to your needs – we offer free AutoCAD designs to bring your dreams to reality. All truss kits are in stock today in natural silver finish or can be powder coated (allow additional time for powder coated truss).

Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Maintain Aluminum Lighting Truss

Maintaining Your Exhibit Truss Finish

Maintaining a truss exhibit booth for long term use cannot be easier if you have chosen natural silver aluminum truss. In fact, Milos’ natural silver mill finish is one of the most durable and easiest to maintain. The finish carries a one-year warranty, covering incidence of oxidation, tarnish or rust with all indoor applications. Cleaning or dusting will be necessary to keep a lustrous finish. Many aluminum cleaners are available that will remove finger prints and even bring the surface to an almost mirror finish if desired. For light scratches and other dirt or stains, 00 grade steel wool is effective.

A careful visual inspection of lighting truss should be performed prior to each use. Things to look for while inspecting your truss are signs of deformation, bending, cracking, twisting, corrosion and overall wear.

**These guidelines are meant to assist in evaluating the condition of your truss, and should not be considered a method to re-certify used truss. For safety, truss that is compromised should be removed from use immediately.**

Main Chord should be free from indentations, excessive corrosion, splits, bulges, rolling and bending. Chords should not be bent more than 2mm from center line.

Diagonal, Cross and End Bracing should not be missing, broken or bent more than 2mm from center line.

Welds should have no visual cracks or unusual reduction due to rubbing, filing, or wear.

Receiver Holes, Conical Connectors and Pins should have no deformity, including enlarged or asymmetrical holes.

If one or more of the above defects is visible, please immediately remove the display truss from use and arrange for replacement. Contact or call 888-804-0042 and we will guide you in getting suitable replacement truss.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Truss Brochure Holders

We’ve discussed the versatility of aluminum truss for tradeshow use. Its light weight, quick connection, and modularity make it a great choice for exhibit booths large and small. Once you’ve set up your truss booth, you may find yourself in need of an important truss accessory: brochure holders.

The xTruss Brochure Holder is a simple way to put brochures, catalogs, literature or flyers within reach of curious passersby. The letter-size aluminum holder is 12.25” high and 9” wide with a 2” lip and perfectly accommodates standard promotional literature. It securely fastens to the lighting truss using an xTruss clamp (included). The brochure holder and truss clamp are sized to fit M222 truss (1-1/4” main tubes) and M290 truss (1-7/8” – 2” main tubes).

Place brochure holders directly onto the truss near heavily trafficked aisles to attract interest to your booth. Multiple brochure holders may be fastened vertically down the truss leg, or they may be placed 360 degrees around the truss leg for viewing from every angle. Its durable natural aluminum finish is easy to maintain; light scratches can be buffed out using steel wool. For some shine in your exhibit booth, use an aluminum cleaner with 00 grade steel wool and buff, buff, buff to an almost mirror finish.

For more information about Milos xTruss Brochure Holders for aluminum truss, please contact us at or 888-804-0042.

For a limited time, xTruss Brochure Holders are 5% off! This discount may be combined with our February Coupon of 5% off (10% off orders of $2,500 or more) for even more savings.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aluminum Truss for Every Purpose

It is no surprise to people who have worked with aluminum truss that its versatility makes it a perfect tool across many industries. Truss can be integrated into tradeshow booth designs, retail store designs, and even concerts and stage set design. A hanging truss grid can support lights, cameras, speakers, and other equipment without interfering with the action below. Truss can be decorative, lending a utilitarian look and feel to a tradeshow display or can be powdercoated to blend in with its surroundings. But its noteworthy strength is in projects where free spans are needed with maximum load bearing capabilities.

QuickTruss® is one of the most reliable trusses in the world, and its simple QuickConnect system makes it ideal for projects where quick assembly and tear down is needed. The conical connection system is tools-free and takes about 5 seconds each connection when building. Because it is made from lightweight aluminum, handling and transport is easier and less costly. And being modular in nature, truss is perfect for projects that require reconfiguration – a 10’ x 10’ truss exhibit this year can easily be increased to a 10’ x 20’ or 20’ x 20’ truss exhibit next year. Even large exhibits can be made from truss with free spanning of 40’ or more.

Contact us today to discuss how lighting truss can be utilized in your next tradeshow or event. One of our knowledgeable sales reps will guide you through truss options. We also offer free AutoCAD design services, bringing your ideas to life in truss.