Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Maintain Aluminum Lighting Truss

Maintaining Your Exhibit Truss Finish

Maintaining a truss exhibit booth for long term use cannot be easier if you have chosen natural silver aluminum truss. In fact, Milos’ natural silver mill finish is one of the most durable and easiest to maintain. The finish carries a one-year warranty, covering incidence of oxidation, tarnish or rust with all indoor applications. Cleaning or dusting will be necessary to keep a lustrous finish. Many aluminum cleaners are available that will remove finger prints and even bring the surface to an almost mirror finish if desired. For light scratches and other dirt or stains, 00 grade steel wool is effective.

A careful visual inspection of lighting truss should be performed prior to each use. Things to look for while inspecting your truss are signs of deformation, bending, cracking, twisting, corrosion and overall wear.

**These guidelines are meant to assist in evaluating the condition of your truss, and should not be considered a method to re-certify used truss. For safety, truss that is compromised should be removed from use immediately.**

Main Chord should be free from indentations, excessive corrosion, splits, bulges, rolling and bending. Chords should not be bent more than 2mm from center line.

Diagonal, Cross and End Bracing should not be missing, broken or bent more than 2mm from center line.

Welds should have no visual cracks or unusual reduction due to rubbing, filing, or wear.

Receiver Holes, Conical Connectors and Pins should have no deformity, including enlarged or asymmetrical holes.

If one or more of the above defects is visible, please immediately remove the display truss from use and arrange for replacement. Contact or call 888-804-0042 and we will guide you in getting suitable replacement truss.

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