Friday, February 8, 2013

Truss Brochure Holders

We’ve discussed the versatility of aluminum truss for tradeshow use. Its light weight, quick connection, and modularity make it a great choice for exhibit booths large and small. Once you’ve set up your truss booth, you may find yourself in need of an important truss accessory: brochure holders.

The xTruss Brochure Holder is a simple way to put brochures, catalogs, literature or flyers within reach of curious passersby. The letter-size aluminum holder is 12.25” high and 9” wide with a 2” lip and perfectly accommodates standard promotional literature. It securely fastens to the lighting truss using an xTruss clamp (included). The brochure holder and truss clamp are sized to fit M222 truss (1-1/4” main tubes) and M290 truss (1-7/8” – 2” main tubes).

Place brochure holders directly onto the truss near heavily trafficked aisles to attract interest to your booth. Multiple brochure holders may be fastened vertically down the truss leg, or they may be placed 360 degrees around the truss leg for viewing from every angle. Its durable natural aluminum finish is easy to maintain; light scratches can be buffed out using steel wool. For some shine in your exhibit booth, use an aluminum cleaner with 00 grade steel wool and buff, buff, buff to an almost mirror finish.

For more information about Milos xTruss Brochure Holders for aluminum truss, please contact us at or 888-804-0042.

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