Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Determining What Size Truss You’ll Need

Display and exhibit truss systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations and choosing the correct size is an important factor when selecting a system for use in your company's particular event booth setup. Event booth space is typically available in multiples of 10' X 10' squares. Popular truss display sizes include 10' X 10', 10' X 20' and 20' X 20', although custom sizes can usually be created according to your specifications. One desirable feature shared by truss systems is that they can easily be upsized or downsized as needed, according to the particular sized display area at any specific venue.

Choosing a Trade Show Display

The most appropriate event or trade show display is one that best shows off your company's products and/or services and presents your brand image in the best light possible. Most importantly, it should be designed in a way that fosters instant brand awareness and effectively lures event attendees into your display space. This is accomplished by well-designed graphics and signage appropriately affixed to an attractive skeletal structure (truss system), inviting lighting creatively offsetting the space and a functional use of accessories such as shelving, monitors, literature holders, tables, seats, etc.

A big advantage of using an aluminum truss system is that, although lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, the load bearing to weight ratio is very high. This allows for the display of heavy items such as large monitors and speakers, shelves for holding computers and more.

Determining the Correct Truss Dimensions

measuring with a measuring tape

Several factors will come into play when determining the proper size for your truss display but, fortunately, size can be altered easily by the addition or removal of sections when needed to accommodate specific space requirements. A primary factor revolves around the budget available for the purchase of your display. While minimum booth size is typically 10' X 10', purchasing a 10' X 20' truss display allows for use in a larger space when desired or scaling the display down to half size when appropriate. Considering this, booth size is an important factor when considering display size, although truss displays provide great flexibility when you need to scale down for a particular venue.

When assessing desired booth space, you should consider what items will be displayed at a particular event and what accessories will be required. You'll also need to consider how many individuals will be manning the display and how many visitors you’d like to be able to accommodate at any one time. More space will be needed if demonstrations will be held for an audience of multiple attendees.

Particular sizing of a truss display will influence the size and types of graphics/signage used. Ideally, company logos will be large and high enough up to grab attention, even from across the room, providing desired high-impact branding. For other ideas and assistance regarding choosing the best display for your needs, contact us here at