Friday, April 29, 2016

Truss 101 – Attaching Exhibit Graphics to Your Truss Structure

You’ve come to realize that aluminum truss is a versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-use solution for your exhibit tradeshow needs. You plan to utilize our handy truss shelves and brochure holders, and even hang a couple of flat screen monitors using our cell clamps. Now for attaching the graphics. offers a variety of accessories to hang graphics or clad truss. Your graphic substrate will determine the best accessory for your needs.

Fabric or Vinyl Graphics 
CL32 Clear Plastic Panel Clip

CL32 Clear Plastic Panel Clip

Fabric or Vinyl Graphics easily accommodate grommets and can be fastened to truss tubes via zip-tie. If this solution doesn’t appeal to you or you are seeking a more custom aesthetic, consider adding pole pockets to your graphics and use our graphic clips for 2” truss tubes or 1.25” truss tubes. Simply insert a plastic profile tube (sold separately) into the pocket, notch out where the clip will attach to the tube, and snap onto the tube and truss. The clear clips will blend in with the exhibit, providing a clean, finished look. Also available in black.

Rigid Graphics
PC32 Plastic Panel Clamp

PC32 Plastic Panel Clamp

Rigid Graphics, such as sintra, foamcore, and wood may be attached using our plastic panel clamps for 2” truss tubes or 1.25” truss tubes. By tightening the screw with an allen key, the accessory clamps onto both the graphic panel and truss tube simultaneously, firmly holding graphics in position on the truss exhibit.

xTruss M222 Panel Clip

xTruss Panel Clip

Also helpful with rigid graphic panels, the xTruss panel clip is an aluminum bracket perfectly sized to clip onto 12” truss or 9” truss. The brackets have a slight flex, allowing them to snap into position between two truss tubes, and are often used on multiple truss faces to entirely clad, or cover, the truss. The xTruss panel clips attach to a variety of graphic substrates including wood, plexiglass, plastic, foamcore, and sintra. Screws, tape or Velcro can be used to attach the clips to your graphic back.

At, we can help you to determine which accessory will best fit the graphic material you choose. Your graphics producer may also assist in deciding which accessory is the perfect fit. Contact us today for more info!